Sending My Art Into Space

A couple years back:

I was sitting in a cafe. With my hubby. And my hubby’s piano sensei.

My hubby was trained as a classical performance pianist in the past. And it had been quite some time since he’d last met his most favored piano teacher.

So we were in this cafe to meet and just catch up.

His teacher, I soon got to know, was quite an amazing pianist.

In more ways than one.

Other than the typical traits of a famous pianist, such as regularly doing sold-out concerts and having best-selling albums under your name, he also had some other qualities that distinguished him.

Such as his talent for using music to treat and cure various illnesses (especially mental) for which most doctors had given up hope on.

“Why are you moving back to America right now, master?” I heard my hubby ask.

“Well, my son doesn’t want to be a pianist.” the master replied.

“Huh? Really?” my hubby gasped.

“Yeah. I and don’t really want him to be a pianist either.”

“How come? What does he want to be then?”

“Well, his passion is in space exploration. So he’s been planning to get into SpaceX. And I’d rather he follow his dreams. I’ll be going there too to support him.”


Nowadays, everyone wants to go to space. Or at least work at a space company.

Well, I for one don’t wanna go to space right now.

Not yet anyway.

But that hasn’t kept me away from the allure of the cosmos.

In fact:

Recently, I’ve been searching for ways to get my art sent into space. So it can go there on my behalf.

And guess what?

From my research, it look like almost every year, there are contests from various companies that you can participate in. And if you get chosen, your art gets sent into space!

Sometimes it’ll be painted on a satellite.

Sometimes it’ll be put on a chip and taken there digitally.

Other times you might even get your art taken by an astronaut. I think.

Well, the sad news is…

… I missed out on the last contest for this year that I could find…

… but I’ll be sure to try and get selected for next year’s intake!

For now:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that you’re buying art from an artist who’s work was once sent into space. 😦

However, I can give you some candy while you’re waiting. 🙂

And if you like that, feel to click here and get it now.

Aurelia Nobleia
“Soon-To-Be Space Artist”

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