My Fans Show Me How It’s Done

I’ve been having a lot of fun.

On Instagram.

In a previous letter, I mentioned how I was starting a new project. And featuring our fans’ amazing masterpieces using our illustrations.

I then mentioned how you could (potentially, if you’re lucky) get your artwork featured too, if you used the #turnipco tag, or even just tagged me on Instagram. But I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by all the beautiful artwork I’ve been seeing!

Fans have been sharing the most incredible ways of using my illustrations…

… from pyrography (wood burning art)…

… to embroidery…

… to wood scrollsawing…

… to even making key chains!

Well, this project is just starting off.

More lovely stuff is on the way. 🙂

And I’m SO looking forward to seeing more.

You know:

Some time back, I received some messages from fans letting me know that Etsy’s review feature was broken.


… Etsy allows you to upload a photo of your artwork that you create with our designs when you post your review.

But for a lot of fans, they told me that the feature was broken.

And that they couldn’t upload their photos.

Which bothered me a lot.

Because I knew I was missing out on seeing a lot of lovely art. And fans were missing out on sharing their lovely artwork too.

Well, problem solved! 🙂

I hope this continues working great.

If you haven’t checked out all the lovelies from our fans so far yet, just gently massage your eyeballs and bring them over to this direction here.

Aurelia Nobleia
“Curator Of Fine Art”

P.S. Instagram isn’t the only thing I’ve been having fun with.

More fun just released over yonder here

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