50 Shades Of Grey Sky

I’m looking outside my window right now.

Sitting in my home studio at Noble Bunny Manor. With the window open. I see the stretches of forest before me. I hear the birds singing. And see the squirrels climbing.

But I also see that it’s about to rain soon.

And that means I can’t hang my clothes outside to dry today.

Oh, bother…

While a lot of the world is doing their laundry using washing machines and tumble dryers, I’m still sticking to the old time ways of washing my clothes by hand right after I shower.

And hanging out the clothes to dry too.

A little physical labor is good for the body and mind.

One of my mentors, who is a farmer, once said:

“In the modern world, people keep looking for ways to get rid of their work. They make machines to do everything for them. But the end result is that they have nothing left to do. And they sit around bored all day. You don’t want to be too bored. Because then, you start doing dumb stuff.”

And I believe in many ways, that’s true.

Now that I think of it, it’s hard for me to find time to even BE bored. Which I’m grateful for.

Practicing and creating art takes up huge chunks of my day.

Doing the housework takes up another chunk.

And reading takes up yet another chunk.

I enjoy what I do everyday, and every moment of my day. But sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day so I could enjoy even more stuff. Because there’s still a lot of hobbies that I don’t have enough time to do regularly.

What hobbies, you ask?

Well, for one, sewing.

Hand sewing. Which I love. And find relaxing.

But haven’t really had a lot of time to do recently.

In fact, sitting on my ironing board right now is a dress that I hand-stitched all by myself, one stitch at a time. With my bare paws and string and needle. Without any sewing machines or any robotics whatsoever.

It isn’t easy.

But it is meditative. And relaxing. 🙂

And I know a lot of my fans who enjoy a little stitch-work too.

So I’ve just put out a lovely little design you can use for your Sewing Room. You can even use it to make a sewing uniform for yourself to wear everytime you start stitching. 😉

Don’t really do sewing?

No worries.

It can be used to make a great gift for those who do.

If the thought of any of that excites you, then all you gotta do is click here to check it out now

Aurelia Nobleia
“I Wish I Had 8 Hands”

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