Why I Continue To Embarrass Myself In Public For Your Future Benefit

I’ve been doing some weird stuff recently.

For example:

On Instagram, you may or may not have noticed that sometimes I just spontaneously burst out into poetry on the fly. And so, you may be scrolling through your Instagram feed, and all of a sudden, you see some rhymin’ from Aurelia, and you start to think…

“Uhh… Say what?”


I know I’m weird. But I’m supposed to be weird.

I’m an artist.

But bear with me. There is method to my madness.

Some time back:

I was watching a recording of a retirement seminar given by one of the world’s top writers.

In the seminar, he decided to share all his top secrets for becoming one of the greatest of writers.

One of the biggest secrets I learned?

Be an artist. Not an athlete.

While the athlete peaks at a certain age because of the physicality of his profession (and so the never-ending mad scramble to achieve as much as possible before they hit their prime), the artist doesn’t have this problem.

As artists, we are athletes of the mind.

We don’t have to care about the prime of our physical bodies passing us by.

So all we really have to do is to keep sharpening our minds while not putting too much stress on our bodies. Theoretically speaking, the mind doesn’t really have a peak. Which is probably why the saying goes… with age comes wisdom.

This also means that…

… as long as we keep honing our minds daily…

… and take proper care in maintaining our bodies…

… the older we get…

… the more mentally amazing we become…

… and the more incredible our art becomes!

In other words:

If you’re in any creative profession, don’t try to rush things. You don’t need to. Take your time. Relax more. Rest more. Spend more time daily working out. Mentally and physically. And just have more fun.

We don’t need to burn ourselves out at both ends.

Because we don’t peak at a young age like athletes.

As long as we keep improving, the older we get, the more powerful our minds get, and so does our art.

One of the things I do to improve my mind daily?

Spontaneously bursting out into poem.

Sometimes even song.

Other weird things I do in an effort to improve my mind:

– I always eat and brush my teeth with my non-dominant hand (left hand, since I’m a rightie).
– I spend time practicing and writing out positive affirmations in cursive everyday (helps direct my focus while building my brain, aka homunculus theory).
– I like to fall asleep to the sound of Christmas music (hey, it helps me relax and I just love Christmas).

I guess I’ll stop here.

If I share anymore, I’ll REALLY start to get embarrassed…

Aurelia Nobleia
“Weird But Wonderful”

P.S. A little random poem from me today:

“A fishin’ I will go.
Because of how it relaxes me so.
But skies are gray.
And the storm doth stay.
So inside I play.
Drawing about fishing today.
To the store I now add this.
For those who would reminisce.
About a fishin’ day gone by.
Missed out because of dark skies…”

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